The Medical City South Luzon

the medical city south luzon


Emergency room

At TMC South Luzon Emergency Department, we are ready to serve patients immediately so they can recover and return to their lives faster, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  We have wide array of services for emergent, urgent and non-urgent cases managed by a team composed of ER Medicine Specialists, ER Nurses, and Technicians available 24/7.

We have well-equipped Ambulance Vehicles always ready for conduction.


The Medical City South Luzon Emergency Department is located at the Ground floor of the TMC South Luzon Main Building.
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TELEPHONE NUMBER: (049) 303 3002
LOCAL NUMBER: 81111 / 81112 / 81113 / 81114 
MOBILE NUMBER: 0906 575 85350968 398 2232

Our Services

Consultation and initiation of diagnostic work up

Initial management of injuries and poisonings

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adult and pediatric patients

Generating initial orders for patients requiring emergency admission

Isolation Room

  • a negative pressure room that uses reverse circulation of the air to maintain isolation of patient that is potentially infectious

Well-equipped Ambulance Services with trained Emergency Medical Technician for immediate emergency response

24/7 Animal Bite Center

Ambulatory Services for Non

  • Urgent Cases

Contact Details

Ground floor, TMC South Luzon Main Building
Telephone Number: (049) 544-0120 
Local Number: 2005
Mobile Number: 0933-2531489
Email Address:

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