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The changing healthcare landscape triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up The Medical City South Luzon’s program for Remote Care.  At present, TMC South Luzon Remote Care Services composed of the Mobile Clinic, Home Care, and Virtual Consultation, continue to thrive and operate to meet our target markets’ healthcare needs.


Our Services

Telehealth hub

  •  This covers virtual consultations with doctors facilitated by hospital call center agents serving as concierge.
  •  The call center agents also help to remotely access laboratory tests through TMC South Luzon Homecare facility and other Telehealth Hub services like TeleRehab Service

Mobile clinic

  • A specially designed vehicle that regularly visits the community and companies.
    • Laboratory Tests
      •  X-ray
      •  ECG
      •  Basic Eye Check-up
      •  Doctor Consultation (per request)

Homecare services

  • Laboratory/Diagnostic Tests (including COVID-19 RT-PCR and Antigen Test)
  •  Vaccination
  • Wound Care Service
  • Nursing Care (NGT, FC, IV)
  • COVID-19 Homecare Program
      •  For patients who are suspected of having or tested positive for COVID-19 who need physician-supervised care at home
      • Includes home infection control, virtual assessment and monitoring and diagnostic test package
  •  Partnership for Enhanced Home Care Service via:
      •  Active Care
      •  Healthlink

Contact Details

Telephone Number: (049) 303-3000
Mobile Number: 0920-981-4454

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