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Neonatal intensive care unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a special unit that provides services to neonates born in the Delivery and Surgery Suites of The Medical City South Luzon. It provides quality medical and nursing care to all neonates both well and sick and in three level of care: three (3) beds for Out born neonates, four (4) beds for neonates needing Immediate care (IMCU) and three (3) beds for neonates on Critical care (NICU proper).

TMC South Luzon’s NICU is committed to provide and promote holistic neonatal care of the highest standard to all newborn infants, ensuring their optimal outcome. It aims to be the standard of family-centered neonatal care that is accessible, affordable and humane; which is achieved through competent and professional training.

The department operates 24 hours daily including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


The Medical City South Luzon Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is located on the 3rd Floor.
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TELEPHONE NUMBER: (049)303 3000
MOBILE NUMBER: +6393 3379 3278 

Our Services

Care for Well Babies

Hearing Screening

Care for Premature Infants Needing Phototherapy

Care for Critically Ill Babies Needing Intensive Monitoring

Newborn Screening

CCHD Screening

Care for Out-Born Babies (within 28 days of age and extended neonatal period up to 3 months of age and under a certain weight) Needing Immediate Care

Care for Babies Needing Medication Administrations

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