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Palliative Care Program (HOME-PALS)

Palliative medicine is the practice of providing care and support to patients who have life-threatening illnesses and their families. This includes adequate pain and symptom management; psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual support; wound care and nursing care; and eventually grief and bereavement support to the family.

The aim of Palliative Care is to enhance the quality of life and to positively influence the natural course of the terminal illness for both the patient and the family.

Who is the candidate of Palliative Home Care?

  • Patients who have life-threatening illness, deemed both terminally and critically-ill by their doctor, may avail of our services
  • These may include, advanced stage 4 cancers, advanced end stage organ failures such as advanced dementia, heart failure, COPD, liver failure, kidney failure that are unable to go for dialysis or transplant and other illnesses deemed terminally-ill and unfit for further active medical intervention.
  • We also take care of our elderly, those who are clinically frail and are the most vulnerable, who have difficulty going to the hospital and wish to remain comfortable in their own home.

What is the Palliative Home care program of TMC South Luzon?

TMC Home PALS unit is the Palliative Care arm of TMCSL.   It is a Pilot program of this region in the Philippines that aims to care for the sick and dying, the most vulnerable, at the comfort of their home. We aim to provide the patient, and their loved ones, the best medical care with the aim of increasing their quality of life.


The Medical City South Luzon HOME-Pals is located on the 2nd Floor, Room 210
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TELEPHONE NUMBER: (049)303 3000
MOBILE NUMBER: +6396 0317 7210
CLINIC SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday ; 8am – 5pm

Our Services

Medical, nursing, and other therapeutic support such as music therapy and physical therapy, as they journey in the final stages of their life.

Teleconsultation as follow-up so that we can ensure the patient and family the well rounded and continuous support that they may need.

Patients in our program will be given priority admission to The Medical City South Luzon, should they require it.

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