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The Hemodialysis unit is one of the specialized areas of The Medical City (TMC) South Luzon that takes care of patients who need renal replacement treatment for acute and chronic renal failure for both in and outpatient settings. It is manned by competent nephrologists who are Board certified by the Philippine Society of Nephrology, trained nurses as well as trained technicians.

TMC South Luzon Hemodialysis Unit is located at Basement 2 of the hospital. It has 12 machines, 1 dedicated for Hepatitis B positive patients, 1 for Hepatitis C positive patients, 8 for non-infectious patients and 2 back-up machines.  The unit also has twelve (12) reclining chairs. It has 1 isolation room and 2 private rooms dedicated for Hepatitis B positive patients and In-patients.

The purification of water is done via reverse osmosis. To ensure the health and safety of hemodialysis patients, the hospital conducts monthly sterilization and regular strict disinfection of the machines and culture of water reservoir.

The unit Is fully equipped to address emergency situations.

Our Services

Outpatient maintenance hemodialysis

  • Transient
  • Non-transient


  • Acute
  • Maintenance Hemodialysis

3. Emergency hemodialysis

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