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The Medical City South Luzon wins two Healthcare Asia Awards for 2022

August 26, 2022

The Medical City (TMC) South Luzon again receives two awards in the recently concluded Healthcare Asia Awards.  TMC South Luzon was declared winners of the Secondary Hospital of the Year Award – Philippines and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) Program of the Year Award – Philippines by the prestigious healthcare awarding body that recognizes the achievements of hospitals in various categories. 

Just last year, TMC South Luzon bagged  these two awards from Healthcare Asia – Service Delivery Innovation Initiative of the Year and Employee Engagement of the Year awards.

More and better ways of accessing healthcare

TMC South Luzon has recorded its best year in terms of revenue last 2021. From a 3% growth from 2019 to 2020, it has logged a whopping 67% increase from 2020 to 2021 reaching up to 800K (PHP) in gross revenue. This record-breaking achievement can be mainly attributed to TMC South Luzon’s efforts to turn every challenge brought by the pandemic into numerous opportunities.

Being the first hospital in Laguna to open its doors to COVID-19 cases in early 2020 and by establishing the Complex of Hope, a fully equipped COVID-19 care facility, TMC South Luzon has sustained its operation to both COVID & Non-COVID cases. The hospital also opened seven new revenue centers that provided additional revenue stream to the hospital.

The integration of technology and advancement was seen with TMC South Luzon’s automation through the introduction of IT systems such as Online Appointment, Online Healthcare Declaration, COVID-19 Vaccination Management, Annual Physical Examination (APE) & Executive Check-Up (ECU) Management, and Patient Bill Management. 

TMC South Luzon also initiated a campaign to combat medical misinformation online by uploading relevant health information on its social media pages and through its online programs such as one-on-one interviews with TMC South Luzon doctors dubbed Health Hour; MDebunk which shows doctors reacting and debunking some common health myths, misconceptions, and wrong practices, and health webinars titled “Talk to Doc.”

TMC South Luzon Eye Center sustains its social vision

TMC South Luzon Eye Center’s CSR program in partnership with Mabuhay Deseret Foundation wins the ESG Program of the Year Award – Philippines.  In this program, TMS South Luzon Eye Center partners with Mabuhay Deseret Foundation to allow qualified patients to avail of cataract surgery using only their PhilHealth benefit.

Established back in April 2018, the Eye Center has been providing comprehensive and compassionate eye screening and treatment to many patient partners. TMC South Luzon takes pride being one of the leaders in providing free, accessible, and affordable healthcare services by giving out free eye checkups during medical missions and free screenings during eye diseases related celebrations such as World Glaucoma Week and Sight Saving Month. 

As TMC South Luzon President and CEO Dr. Cesar G. Espiritu mentioned to Healthcare Asia representatives during the virtual awarding ceremony, winning the awards “was made possible by the agile, decisive and relevant response we had to the crisis. These responses were not only bold and pioneering, but more importantly, vital in the correct management of the pandemic.” 

He also added “that the whole organization, each and every staff member, contributed more than was asked of them in service to their fellowmen.  The main driving force really are the important values that we instill in all of our employees and to our organization as a whole – that of being engaged, socially responsive and compassionate.

Setting up our facility and adapting technologies, however, is only one of the keys that will allow us to surge into the future.  The other is equipping our personnel with the skills, knowledge and mindset that will make them capable of working as a team to achieve our vision.” 

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